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Soft Metal / No Lead Metal 3 Ingot 250gSoft Metal 150ml Melting Station

Soft Metal / White Metal 3 Ingot 375g
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Soft Metal / White Metal 3 Ingot 375g

Price: £ 13.27

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Professional Hobby Casting Standard Alloy - Low Melting Point and Has low Lead Content so is Safe to Use. 375g 3 Ingot Pack.
This Variant of Alloy is suitable for High Detail Casting. and is the very best available.

Technical Specifications:
  • Melting Point 140┬░C
  • Casting Temperature 200┬░C
  • Casting Success Rate 90%
  • Detail Handling 100%
Safety Warning:
  • Pour Molten Metal into Casting Ladle only - Not into Mould directly and not into any other container.
  • Contains a Small Amount of Lead
  • Wear Protective Gloves
  • Wear Safety Eye Protection

Molten Metal can cause severe burns.