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We have the most diverse PVC Structural Connector Range and PVC Furniture Grade pipe and Fittings in the world, enabling you to build almost anything from Cold frames and Greenhouses to Dog Kennels, Rabbit Hutches, Chicken Coops, Dog Agility Courses, Sports Structures, Small Vehicle Shade Ports, Horse Show Jumps and much more.

Pictures and Examples below Showing what one Can Do with these Connectors:

PVC pipe connector fittings are perfect for building PVC pipe structures such as display stand structures, greenhouses, cold frames, benches, light hanging systems, furniture such as tables and chairs, dog agility courses, chicken coops, fruit cages, outdoor games such as football goal posts and small jungle gyms, even small car ports and much more.

THESE PVC PIPE FITTINGS ARE DIFFERENT from standard PVC pipe and fittings such as Drain pipe and fittings.

The fittings, and connectors come in different sizes and most are specially made with Titanium Dioxide to give them high impact resistance and a brilliant, glossy finish. They are also UV stabilized to provide superior weather protection for long life outdoors. These are all heavy-duty structural PVC fittings and connectors designed for use with furniture grade PVC pipe (Glossy finish with no markings) or standard size, utility grade PVC water/plumbing/electrical pipe that is not threaded and is American Imperial in size.

Many fittings have solid cores for added strength and are not designed to be used for water/plumbing purposes. If you require water to be piped into your structure – for example the roof of a green house you build, simply add a water pipe system to the frame, it is easily hooked to construction frame.

The ADVANTAGES of PVC Structures are infinite and include most notably, safety – PVC is light, thus easy to transport and carry, but most of all it is the safest – as due to its light weight quality, any structure falling onto a car for instance will cause little damage if any, other vehicle shading structures fair far less well. The Geodesic kit also has the added advantage (due to geodesic properties) of enabling strength against wind. In addition there are no steel & spring steel rods like those found in many other shading and cover structures. No chance of severe injury from metals or electric shock as PVC does not conduct electricity.

PVC Structures allow you to choose and decide shape, size and design using the various sizes and shapes of fittings – PVC can be easily cut, machined and easily drilled into (useful when considering running electrical power cables to power lights)
PVC, although fairly strong is not rigid, but slightly flexible which affords a host of advantages, for example, someone falling onto a PVC table will be far less likely to be hurt, if at all. But, if falling onto a wood structure or steel structure the outcome is inevitably different. Finally, PVC Structures are easy to disassemble and remove from sight if need be, and pack away in tight places.

Please be aware however, that these fittings are designed for US Imperial sized pipe because the market is enormous in the US and these fittings are very popular there.
The fittings will not fit Metric sized pipe or any pipe that has metric sizing printed on it, even if printing on pipe makes mention of Imperial measurements as well as metric – if it makes any mention of mm’s it won’t fit in the fittings due to international standards variances.
See Pipe Sizing Guide for more details.

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